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Picture of Wayne StrnadFrom the desk of: Wayne Strnad

Highly acclaimed researcher, author, publisher,
consultant and retired educator.



Dear Friend,

Thanks for visiting this site. I don't want to take up too much of your time

but need to ask you one simple thing:


Are you living on fixed income?

Believe it or not, all of us are living on income that is fixed and can be

grouped in one of the following ways:

The few that have millions of dollars are still on fixed income only their level of "fixed" is higher than the vast majority of us.


Now no matter what group you might fall into, the fact is that

you still need to save money by trimming the fat from your expenses.

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Some of the things you'll discover when you download this FREE document


How to identify expenses that are non-essential. Let's face it. Not everything we buy is really essential for our survival. This is especially true for the foods we purchase.
How one simple change in your behavior can save money. Without a doubt, we can change our behavior because we are adaptive individuals quite capable of changing something at will.
How replacing your lighting can save money on your electric bill and make it better for your personal environment. As simple as this seems, many of us do not even think of this simple tip for saving money. Yes, some lighting systems are far more costly to operate than others. Even light bulbs play a role in our money saving tips.
Light bulbs you should watch out for. Some light bulbs are not even safe to use because of the gas that's contained within. Discover the good bulbs.


Everything you'll read about was tested!

Here is one Sample that Proves My Money Saving Tips Work!

Below is a graph of my electric bills from 2006 - 2009 inclusive.

The graphs are provided by the electric company in their statement.

This is raw data that was scanned into a digital file and then cut and

pasted into this web document. I have added text at the top of every

graph just to show the year.


graph one

graph two

I have drawn a red line between the peaks so that you can easily see

how the values are going up and down.


Naturally, living in the midwest does offer a wide variety of seasons.

Along with the autumn and winter comes rising heating costs, which in

my case, translates to more electric usage. Thus, you'll see a steady rise

in December through January and in one year, even February. It starts

to decrease again in March.


Fluctuations in July-August usually account for air conditioners.

The summer of 2009 was not really that hot a summer so I didn't need

to run the air conditioner much. This saved several dollars. The summer

of 2007 was especially bad and required more air conditioning than

the other years.


As you can easily see from the real data provided by the electric company, the techniques you'll discover do work at saving you money.


Also, let me explain that this electric bill is for my basement and I do not

use any gas heat. In other words, I do not have a space heater or any other

device that consumes gas, in any form, and need to rely on electric for all

my energy use.


I do have gas heat on the first floor with pipes running through the

basement so this does help a little in terms of heating the basement in

winter. I've also discovered ways to put that heat running through the

pipes to better, more efficient, use. You'll read about that when you

download the FREE document.


Note: I spend on average about 15 hours per day working in my basement

with several computers running 24/7, 365 days per year. I also have very

large monitors, the smallest of which is about 27 inches. My personal

favorite though is the 48 inch monitor. I don't even need my "special"

glasses to see things on that monitor. It's a real pleasure.


When you download this document you'll also discover that one simple purchase, costing about $20, can make your entire area more comfortable and bring down your heating and air conditioning costs.


As you can easily see from the graphs above, there are substantial savings

employing some of the money saving tips you'll learn when you download

this FREE document.


But I don't stop there. You'll also discover:


The entire focus of this document deals with things that you can do around your house - both inside and out. Simply fill out the form below and start saving money today.


This is not rocket science full of equations and other mathematical

constructs nor is it nobel prize winning economic theory, but rather

something written in simple English that the everyday person can

read and understand.


The most complex thing in all of it is showing how to graph a set of points

so that you can visually see your progress, similar to the graphs you see

above. I've even included a sheet for you that you can print out and graph

your progress.


However, you can skip this if you want and just use the save more money

tips to your benefit.

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Notebook Graphic

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The information that you are about to download will save you money.

I am sure YOU will SAVE MONEY because I have tested everything

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the course of several years. So, quite frankly, they are reliable.

I am offering it for FREE. There are no strings attached.

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Unlike other websites, I do not put the information found below in a light

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