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We all suffer when elections are not fair!

Voter Fraud is an insult to Democracy!

From the Desk of: W. A. Strnad

For those of you that recognize my name, you know that for many years I have fought against things that impede the rights of the voter in this country - all the way from exposing the Chicago Board of Elections to the State of Illinois State Board of Elections.

Elections in the City of Chicago are not what one would consider fair.  The incumbent usually has an army of workers that are imported from the Department of Streets and Sanitation and, although a violation of the departments policy, there were actually sign-in sheets in some Ward Offices that were used by the Ward Superintendent to mark down those that were going to work the election.

Data needs to be updated!

Prior to any election a candidate or even you, can get a copy of the voters in a given precinct or the entire ward.  The easiest is to request a CD of all the voters in the Ward.

Once you have the voter data, you can easily run a duplicate finder report that shows all the duplicate names, address, and other pertinent information that could identify a voter as being one and the same person, with two different addresses.

This is not really uncommon because when a person moves they usually forget to change their new address information at the Chicago Board of Elections.  Thus, you have two names with the same corresponding information but with two different addresses.

A precinct captain who really knows his precinct and the residents, will or can use this information in a highly questionable way i.e. he gets someone else to vote using that name of the person who moved.  This is a common practice in Chicago.

In 1999 Isaac "Ike" Carothers ran for alderman of the 29th Ward of Chicago.

Ike won the election due to the absentee votes.

"Wayne, you should wear a bullet proof vest..."

You know that Daley and all his cronies really do not like what you do in exposing corruption throughout the city.  They would like to see you disappear.

- A Streets and Sanitation Worker who shall remain unidentified due to possible retaliation.

Wayne was called in to design and implement a database program that would analyze the absentee voter data.  The reports that were generated were presented to the Chicago Board of Elections and the Cook County States Attorney Dick Devine.

Neither government agency did anything about the findings.

The Cook County States Attorney Office is as Corrupt as the Chicago Board of Elections

In all fairness, we must state that the Chicago Board of Elections does not have any power or authority to do anything of a legal nature against such fraud; they do have an obligation to guarantee their data is correct and make any updates as necessary.

The Cook County States Attorney does have the power to act and prosecute, and, as a matter of ethics and public interest, (s)he should do their job and prosecute.

There's only one glitch in this and that is the fact that at one point Daley won the election for Cook County States Attorney.  He did next to nothing in that position but he did make friends with Dick Devine.

When Daley ran for Mayor of Chicago, Devine ran for States Attorney.  Of course, both of them won.

We allege that Devine took his orders from Daley.  In regards to the voter fraud that they could not dispute they took the next best measure and did nothing.

It is totally impossible to believe that we could find over 5,500 errors in the data and the Cook County States Attorney could not find a single one!  How's that for a cover-up?

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