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To get a list of people that are celebrating their birthday today, use the format 00/00 where the first set of 00 is the month and the second is the date.  Example, September 11 is 09/11.

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Birthday List
ANDERSON, COREY L  5415 W ADAMS ST  09/09/1970 
BARFIELD, PAULA  5311 W ADAMS ST  03/28/1963 
BARFIELD, ROBIN D  5311 W ADAMS ST  01/20/1959 
BARNES, JULIETTE  5322 W JACKSON BV  10/06/1927 
BARNES, YOLANDE  5322 W JACKSON BV  03/29/1952 
BARNEY, JANICE D  5447 W ADAMS  02/18/1957 
BEARDEN, ARNOLD  5333 W QUINCY ST  01/31/1951 
BEARDEN, CAROLYN W  5333 W QUINCY ST  07/04/1951 
BECK, JOAN B  5435 W ADAMS ST  12/04/1967 

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If any of this information is incorrect then you should contact the Chicago Board of Elections to inform them that their records are incorrect and find out the procedure you must follow to correct your record.

If you know that the information for someone listed in this report is incorrect them please contact this person and tell them about it.

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