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In this report a query is run over the database to find all the people that have the same name.  Having the same name does not necessarily mean that the individual is one and the same person.  They might be two or more distinct individuals.  However, when two people have the same name and the other information is identical, then they are one and the same person.

It should be noted that the information that was attained from the Chicago Board of Elections was the dataset of people that actually voted.  Thus, if a persons name appears two or more times, they voted two or more times.

Finally, although the Voter Registration Number is not included, each person in this list has a different Voter Registration Number.  Thus, for people that are duplicate entries, they have two or more Registration Numbers.

Cook County States Attorney Richard Devine did absolutely nothing about any of this.  Someone should question why?

Dup Names 29th Ward Voters
Total Records: 523 
ADAMS, MICHAEL   6028 W BLOOMINGDALE AV 036 12/06/1957
ADAMS, MICHAEL   1237 N CENTRAL AV 008 08/16/1977
ALEXANDER, BERNICE   39 N AUSTIN AV 020 05/15/1928
ALEXANDER, BERNICE   21 S MENARD AV 026 11/17/1938
ALEXANDER, GLORIA   5706 W WASHINGTON 027 07/19/1956
ALEXANDER, GLORIA   158 N CENTRAL AV 208 021 01/19/1943
ALLEN, MARY   307 N WALLER E 011 09/11/1947
ALLEN, MARY   1700 N MAYFIELD AV 2 025 07/14/1939
ALLEN, VICTORIA   5562 W VAN BUREN ST 031 05/17/1934
ALLEN, VICTORIA   1645 N MONITOR AV 025 07/26/1979
ANDERSON, CHESTER   1330 N WALLER AV 041 07/29/1962
ANDERSON, CHESTER   1441 N PARKSIDE AV 050 10/07/1945
ANDERSON, CHRISTINE   153 N MASON AV 020 11/02/1935
ANDERSON, CHRISTINE   1507 N MENARD AV 004 07/21/1951
ANTHONY, ALBERTA   5537 W CONGRESS PW 2 031 08/21/1929
ANTHONY, ALBERTA   1039 N MONITOR AV 037 12/01/1939
ASSRIA, YOSRA   2316 N MERRIMAC 006 05/06/1968
ASSRIA, YOSRA   2316 N MERRIMAC 006 05/06/1968
ATKINS, JOHNNIE   5402 W MONROE ST 010 07/29/1959
ATKINS, MELVIN   5739 W RACE AV 033 03/12/1934
ATKINS, MELVIN   5739 W RACE AV 033 07/28/1961
BALLARD, REBECCA   1100 N MASSASOIT 1FL 046 03/15/1941
BALLARD, REBECCA   5535 W WASHINGTON BV 216 021 08/01/1960
BANKS, JAMES   5735 W HURON ST 044 11/15/1934
BANKS, JAMES   1341 N PARKSIDE AV 008 09/18/1935
BECKEM, ANGELA M   1747 N AUSTIN AV 1A 025 02/21/1965
BECKEM, ANGELA M   1747 N AUSTIN AV 1A 025 02/21/1965
BERRY, NICOLE S   110 N PARKSIDE AV 027 12/09/1974
BERRY, NICOLE S   5506 W WASHINGTON BV 021 12/09/1974
BOOKER, ISAAC   1504 N MASSASOIT AV 004 12/14/1976
BOOKER, ISAAC   1504 N MASSASOIT 004 12/14/1976
BROWN, ARTHUR   1716 N MASON 025 03/11/1959
BROWN, ARTHUR   1347 N PARKSIDE 008 10/03/1976
BROWN, BETTY J   5956 W WALTON ST 051 01/22/1950
BROWN, BETTY J   112 S MASON AV 019 05/24/1938
BROWN, BETTY J   5330 W VAN BUREN ST 038 02/18/1943


If any of this information is incorrect then you should contact the Chicago Board of Elections to inform them that their records are incorrect and find out the procedure you must follow to correct your record.

If you know that the information for someone listed in this report is incorrect them please contact this person and tell them about it.

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