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During the course of our investigation it was discovered that several questionable items were found in the application for Absentee Voting.

These items are described below.

Questionable Description
Total Records: 42 
Description Number   Description  
1 Application for someone else
2 Area Code
3 Ballot Incomplete
4 Different Address
5 Incorrect Ballot
7 Initials on Application
8 Initials on Ballot
9 Misspelled Name on Ballot
10 No Ballot
11 No Code
12 No Date Received by BOE
13 No Date Signed
14 No Key
15 No Reason Given
16 Not in DB
17 Not in Ward
18 Printed Versions Differ
19 Signature Different
20 Two Reasons
21 Use of Middle Initial Inconsistent
22 Used Social Security for Disabled Voter's ID
23 Other
24 Board Date Received
25 Questionable Reason
26 Seems OK
27 Signature Printed
28 No Application
29 Questionable Signature
30 Questionable Code
31 Note Date Signed
32 Two Signatures on Ballot
33 Street Misspelled
34 Ballot from another election
35 Note Date Received by BOE
36 Use of Middle Name Inconsistent
37 Ballot filled out by someone else
38 Application Incomplete

If any of this information is incorrect then you should contact the Chicago Board of Elections to inform them that their records are incorrect and find out the procedure you must follow to correct your record.

If you know that the information for someone listed in this report is incorrect them please contact this person and tell them about it.

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