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Collapse This Category The New World Order Exposed    
Old Posts Accountability of our Elected Officials
How and through what means should we hold our elected officials accountable?
1 2 04/26/2010
9:45:58 PM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Banking
Stop using banking services and find alternative means for transactions.
1 1 09/19/2009
04:56:43 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Federal Reserve Bank
It is not associated with the Federal Government. It is a private entity that currently stands above the law and is not controlled by any governmental agency.
0 0    
Old Posts Fight Back - STOP using credit cards
Banks love it because they make a lot of money off of your usage of credit cards. The interest they charge used to be called "loan sharking" but has since been revised as acceptable. Expose their scams here.
2 2 03/20/2009
04:10:42 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Obama Lies
There are already many promises that were made to the American people that have been changed. A promise not kept is merely a lie. Put your thoughts on his lies here.
3 5 04/04/2009
05:53:00 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Report New Taxes Here
Has your local legislature, state legislature or federal government created a new tax that everyone should know about? Report it here.
2 6 04/02/2009
03:43:11 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Required Service of Everyone
Should you be required to serve? Is this a new form of slavery? Should we have people monitoring our activities and getting paid to do it under the name of the law?
2 2 03/18/2009
04:14:44 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts The Amero-Dollar
One potential way out of this economic disaster is to create a new currency that is used in conjunction with two other currencies - the Canadian dollars and the Mexican pesos. This is not a viable solution.
1 1 03/17/2009
08:27:32 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts The Bailout Con
The bailout is no more than paying off the rich for the screw-ups of Wall Street. Why would one want to bailout those that brought down this country?
2 3 03/29/2009
03:16:51 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts The Bilderberg Group Exposed
The real government behind the facade of our leadership in Washington, D.C. is the Bilderberg Group. They have sponsored such leaders as Hitler, Bush, Clinton and Obama.
0 0    
Old Posts The No Fly List Con
Who decides the names that are put on the No Fly List? What are the criteria for such a decision? How can you find out if you are on the No Fly List? How do you get removed?
1 1 03/17/2009
06:17:50 AM
by: itsame Jump to Last Post
Old Posts The Trilateral Commission
Place your information about this commission in this forum.
1 1 03/17/2009
08:18:14 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
Old Posts Video Feedback
Place your likes and dislikes here.
1 1 05/19/2009
04:22:40 AM
by: director Jump to Last Post
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