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Voter Fraud

After the runoff election between Isaac "Ike" Carothers and Floyd Thomas, a Freedom of Information Act request was presented to the Board of Election Commissioners of Chicago. This data was then analyzed and a 5000+ page report was generated showing all the fraud that occured in the 29th Ward of Chicago. You can view this report by clicking on this link.

After information was presented to Dick Devine, Cook County States Attorney and Mary Pecarro, who handles the then named Voter Fraud Unit, a picket was established after one month of inactivity on their part. Wayne Strnad picketted at the railroad crossing - which he had fixed by another picket saving the taxpayers more than $100,000.00 - for more than 400 days. The picket ended because the statute of limitations took affect.

You can see the corresponding ads that were run in a local newspaper exposing the corruption that ensued by visiting this link.

It is perhaps interesting to note that ever since this event, the Chicago Board of Elections has refused to give Wayne Strnad any such data on the Absentee Vote. The did, however, institute a new way to rig an election and that's called Early Voting.